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    The golden rule in business is to ‘be visible’ to customers and prospective customers. In online business, to remain in the visibility range, you need to be in the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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You found this website not by accident, it is called Search Engine Optimization, also known as “SEO”.

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With over one billion Google searches everyday, being at the top of Google search results has become a key factor to ensure success in business.

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Search Engine Optimization | SEO Singapore

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (commonly known as SEO Singapore), is a marketing strategy that helps to place your website at the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing so that internet users can find your website in organic search results when they are searching for the products/services you are providing. Once your website appears at the top of search engine results, you beat innumerable websites that offer the same products and services as you do. Since the general tendency of the user is to click on the first few websites that top the list in the first page of search engines, the competition to be at the top is high.

Using SEO, you can ensure more traffic to your website and with the higher traffic, the sales conversion rate also gets higher.

Who should do SEO?

In today’s world, it is imperative that you have a website if you run a business. Just as every business has a website address, every website needs to be search engine optimized. Internet has opened the doors for you to reach out to the far corners of the world at a very low cost.

Why is SEO important?

Be Present when looked for
 - The most important marketing strategy is to remain within the focus range of the viewers. Since people are now accustomed to browsing internet for almost everything, right from what to cook for dinner to how to make money from home, it becomes imperative that you do your best to be identified by search engines and eventually by internet users. For search engines to identify your website as a possible solution to the user’s query, you need to have it optimized with relevant keywords, quality contents and many more. This is precisely what SEO does for you.

Be Focused on your target audience
 - A user does not care about what you offer, if he is not looking for your products/services (Eg. A guy is interested in bust enhancement). Hence, the money you spend on advertising through certain channels like newspapers is not be able to justify the value. On the other hand, if you do SEO for your website, you website will only appears to the internet users who are looking for the products and services you are offering. Thus, you get targeted leads to your business with higher conversion rate.

Be Accessible and enjoy the traffic - 
You may hate the crowded streets but not when you have your business set up there. Being in online business, you need to be accessible to allow more traffic to your website. SEO practices make your site resourceful and easy to navigate thus helping to gain more traffic. While it is true that not all those who view your site may buy your products, consider having a site with no traffic. With more traffic, you stand a better chance of making a sale.

Be Informed of your customers’ preferences
 - The often-repeated saying in a business is that a customer is always right. Since a business can only focus on the customers’ preferences and satisfaction to succeed, you need to stay abreast of the needs of your customers and should know how they go about making a choice. Doing SEO for your website helps you to understand your customers better. Google Analytics gives you a detailed analysis on your traffic and you sure will not be looking for more. The data offered by Google Analytics include the region to which your customers belong, how long they stay on your website and how long they stayed in that page. With the information provided by Google Analytics, you can modify your strategies to handle their needs effectively.

Be Singled Out amongst your competitors - 
SEO gains importance as it gives you the best online exposure possible. In the competitive world, you cannot expect to succeed if you are not seen. The online world is already crowded and with over 2 billion internet users around the world (and the number is growing), you cannot sit back hoping to be found. Your competitor is not, why should you?

How can SEO help my business?

You can place an advertisement in the newspapers or a television commercial for more exposure, but the ads may not be seen by every one. Even if someone reads your ad, odds are that he may not buy your products/services, simply because he was not looking to buy. SEO allows you to target relevant keywords for your business website. From this, your website will only appears to internet users who are typing your targeted keywords in the search bar.

Example: Vincent is a florist. His website will only appear if internet users search for keywords related to his business, such as “flowers delivery’, “buy flowers” etc.

When should I start doing SEO to my website?

When you build your website, you need to consider all possibilities to make your web design optimized for search engine. Right from the pictures of the pages to the content in the pages, all are to be considered. Search engines love pages that are rich in content; however, do not overload the pages as they may take more time to upload. Visitors hate to wait, which would eventually make you wait longer – for results. A site that is professionally designed with easy navigation and good content will invite more attention.

Did we not mention starting from scratch? Yes, you need to start considering SEO even from the time you choose a domain name. Selecting a domain name that reflects your products, that is catchy, easy to remember and easy to use is one of the first steps towards optimizing your site for search engines.

Where can my website be found after I do SEO?

If you are not in the first page of Google, you may consider yourself not in active business online, yet. To be found on the first page is the best and the only way to achieve success in online. With the right type of optimization, you will find your site on the most enviable place in the first page (even page 1 position number 1) of Google search results.

SEO summary

Imagine this: Having a team online who work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get new, targeted, high quality, free leads for your business. You do not need to worry about them going on medical or annual leave. Best of all, you do not need to pay them. Isn’t this a dream come true for every business? This is what SEO is all about.

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